5 Ways to Make You Feel A Better, Cooler Person

Published: 20th June 2008
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1. Read. There's nothing better than knowing a lot of things and sharing them to your friends. Not only does your brain gets fatter, but you'll also see how fulfilling it is to feel smart. If you're not quite the bibliophile, you can always browse the internet for good reads and current events. Get involved with what's going on with the rest of the world and be infused with pop culture. You might discover a new passion and a number of things might inspire you to do other stuff than your normal activity route.

2. Update your style and your wardrobe. It may sound superficial to suggest that a new outfit or a look can make your life better, but it's true. You should know how be presentable without sacrificing the coolness factor. You can't run around in those beat-up sneakers that you used in a concert forever. You don't have to know everything about fashion to be hip, your personal style suggests who you are and it's important to keep your original vibe. Buy a cheap pair of bright colored Chucks or stylish sneakers to go with a plain white tee and your favorite acid-washed jeans. If you don't have much money to add things to your closet, why not weed all the unusable and old clothes off and have a garage sale. Remember, your fashion trash is someone else's great find so give-up that padded bolero jacket for grannies and neo-punk kids to spot.

3. Take up a really cool hobby. The choices are endless: you can take-up photography and get some important pointers from your friends or from the net, or you could enroll in an art class so you'll finally understand how colors should scheme. If you're too busy for these things, you can always start a blog or a journal so there's a place where you could vent out smart thoughts and interesting musings. You could try and play with your pc's Photoshop and discover the amazing world of digital design, upload your works to a site and share it with people who have the same interests.

4. Exercise. Enrolling to the gym might sound tedious to most of us, but this should not be an excuse for your love handles. If you don't have the money, the time and the persistence to be fit, you could jog in place for twenty minutes while watching an episode (or a webisode) of Lost or Entertainment Tonight to see how toned the bodies of the celebrities in it. Or try cleaning your room, you'll be surprised how much calories you'll burn after sweeping dust and cigarette butts on the floor.

5. Give yourself an amazing gift. Don't stress yourself with all the work you are doing, and the best way to feel better on pay day is to get something for yourself. Make it something you really want, or have been wanting for the longest time. Get that mp3 player you've always wanted, or a quality fish eye lens if you're into photography. If you really want self-epiphany, then maybe you could purchase a new laptop, or a car, or a new house or even get a memorable tattoo. But remember, make sure you don't use your debit card upon your purchase, you might awards yourself everyday and end up in years of debt.

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