Crazy Scary: The Worlds Wildest Roller Coasters!

Published: 13th August 2008
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Nothing can give you the most thrilling minute of your life than a crazy roller coaster ride. Some people think it's ridiculous to fall in line for hours for a ride that will only last two minutes maximum. But when you get off that roller coaster, I'm sure you'll be falling in line again. Good thing geniuses keep on coming up with new and unique ideas for roller coasters. Engineers just keep on aiming for taller drops and more twisted loops. Here are a few of the world's craziest roller coasters that are bound to make you feel fear and fun both at the same time.

Top Thrill Dragster, Cedar Point Ohio. This one has no crazy loops. It's actually a plain go up then down ride. But don't get me wrong. This may be a short ride but it will surely give you a scare. The train runs in a dashing 120 mph on steel rails that stand 420 feet tall, with a drop that twists down at a 90-degree angle of descent! It was the steepest, tallest and fastest roller coaster at the time it opened. Fly to Ohio to get the thrill of this Dragster! Simply click here and you can get a $500 Airline gift card!

Kingda ka, Six Flags Great Adventure New Jersey. This ride has a very similar design to the Top Thrill Dragster, only it is today's fastest and tallest roller coaster! It is 456 feet tall and the trains run at 128 mph! You will be thrown 45 stories high up and then back down in less than a minute. Feel your insides scramble in this daring ride! Get a $500 Airline Gift Card to make your trip to New Jersey cheaper!

Momonga Standing & Loop Coaster, Yomiuriland, Tokyo. Yes, we pay homage to the ingenious creativity of the Japanese! This ride may be old, but it is the first to innovate the seating of roller coasters. In 1982, Yomiuriland opened the world to the first stand-up coaster. As the name implies, the people stand up on the trains throughout the ride! Today, there are many operating stand-up rides around the world.

Tatsu, Six Flags Magic Mountain, Los Angeles. Steepness of the rails and speed of the trains are not enough to scare riders. The way you are seated also adds to the thrill, thus, people innovated roller coaster seats. Tatsu is a flying roller coaster. This means that the back of their seats lay flat on the rails overhead. The riders face down assuming a flying position. Because this is not a usual sitting coaster, you'll get a totally different view. See yourself hanging hundreds of feet above the ground! Fly free to Los Angeles and ride this crazy train yourself!

The Skycycle, Washuzan Highland Park, Okayama. Ok, now the Japanese had their imagination going once again. It is not the fastest, it is not the steepest. But I assure you that this is the scariest and wildest ride you will be on! This is because there are no trains. You will be pedaling your way through the rails on a bicycle! Crazy scary!

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