Different Cultures, Different Pains for Women

Published: 18th July 2008
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As much as women's roles have changed in the past few decades, other cultures stay faithful to their traditions no matter how degrading it can be to women. Economically, politically, physically and in many other aspects, women are being treated differently from men.

Probably the most common violation to a woman is rape. In Darfur for example, rape has become a war weapon, making women suffer immensely even though they are not the ones with guns. Rape happens anywhere else in the world, but not like in Haiti. In the said Caribbean country, Rape is only a crime when committed on virgins. Without the law on their backs, Haitian women are accustomed to sexual violation.

You probably are already aware of some cultures in the Middle East where women cannot do anything without the approval of a man. They cannot even go in public without a male escort. But there are countries like Kuwait where women can enjoy freedom to do and go as they pleased. The only privilege that is deprived of them is the crucial right to suffrage. Not only in Kuwait is suffrage not allowed for women. There are still a few parts of the world that does not allow women to vote.

Iraq practices honor killing. Females who are judged to have disgraced the family are killed, most of the time by their own male relatives.

In many countries in Africa, female genital mutilation is practiced. This is an unhealthy practice that can often lead to death. This may be the most detrimental discriminatory practice against women.

Eskimos, on the other hand, practice female infanticide due to scarcity of food. They kill new born females when it is believed to be a liability.

Actually, injustices on women are practiced in every country. There is rape everywhere. Employment is not always equal to men and women. But some cultures actually encourage and support discrimination. Some countries insist on their practices in respect to their tradition, and international organizations who want to change these are branded racists or culturally narrow-minded. Hopefully, such damaging and possibly fatal practices will soon be purged without the clashing of cultures.

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