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Published: 06th October 2008
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Illinois welcomes you to a tour of great historical significance, cultural enrichment, and natural beauty. This state offers a diverse experience that suits any type of traveler. Visit for Free Airfare.

The most popular tourist spot in Illinois is Chicago. This magnificent metropolitan draws plenty of tourists because of its towering structures, awesome architecture, and vibrant musical culture. The Hancock Observatory, located on the 94th floor of the John Hancock Building, does not only give a magnificent view, but also a tour of the cityscape and its history. There are talking telescopes that can talk about 16 sites of the city in different languages. The higher Sears Tower Skydeck, on the other hand, is on the 103rd floor! From that height you can view not only the beautiful city of Chicago, but also the neighboring Indiana, Wisconsin and Michigan. A visit to this towering Skydeck will also provide a historic overview of the city. There are interactive booths where you can learn about the city's iconic figures and landmarks.

Another must visit in Chicago is the Navy Pier. Not only does this give a serene view of Lake Michigan, it also is grounds for various recreational activities great for the family. There are the traditional Ferris Wheel and carousel. There is also a miniature golf course that is a great place to spend time in not only for families but for anyone who just wishes to have good clean fun.

In Chicago you are bound to find various musical performances. It is simply wrong not to take some time to check out a local band playing the famous Chicago Blues.

Another popular city in Illinois is the one you sure have heard of as the home of yellow people. The state capital of Illinois is the famous Springfield. Not only is this home to the beloved Simpsons, this city is actually historical and great for family vacations. The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum does not give you the typical scholarly tour. It makes use of modern means to make your learning experience more interesting and exciting. There are theaters and holographs that are bound to give you an interactive virtual experience.

Move over to Peoria and you will find a city where great architecture meets natural beauty. The Peoria Wildlife State Park will definitely give an unforgettable experience. You do not simply watch animals like in a zoo. In this park, you have to be prepared to hike various long trails. Upon hiking you will get a view of various magnificent creatures such as a bison, black bears, wolves, cougars and many more. Usually, these animals will scare the hell out of you, but in this Park, these creatures are safely enclosed not in cruel cages but in wide areas where they can roam around.

Another spot you must not miss in Peoria is the Peoria Riverfront. This is where you'll get the blend of urban feel and natural serenity. This Riverfront does only give a great view of the calm waters, but also provide a wide variety of shops and restaurants. Imagine yourself having dinner by the river as the sun sets. It will surely be a glorious view.

Illinois provides great traveling experiences from historical tours to amazing natural encounters. Art and music lovers will also be enthralled in this state. Whatever it is that interests you, Illinois is sure to gratify it. Visit for Free Airfare.

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