Why Miami is the Sexiest City on Earth

Published: 20th August 2008
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Even if you haven't been to Miami, you've surely seen it in pictures or on TV. And you have to agree, it is one of the sexiest places on earth! People who have gone to Miami actually have different remarks about the city. There are those who are ecstatic and the others who are dismayed. This is because the entire place exudes a sexy atmosphere which is not quite what everyone is looking for. Here are a few reasons why Miami is such a sexy vacation spot:

1. The Beaches. Beaches are naturally sexy places. It is the only spot where people are free to strip down to the tiniest pieces of clothing they have and no one would mind. So if you want to see some sculpted bodies, Miami will not fail to give you the view. Travelers are particularly fond of watching joggers and skaters in the Ocean Drive Beachfront.

2. Climate. Heat and sweat can make you irritable but not when you're on the beach. The tropical climate in Miami will make you feel like it is summer all the way, the sexiest time of the year.

3. Celebrities. There has been recent news on paparazzi fiasco in the city. Their local government admitted that the paparazzi have been increasing in number in Miami. Well, where there's smoke, there's fire. This only means that the rich and the famous love the city as well. So if you're lucky, you just might spot a hot celebrity surfing the waves.

4. Luxurious Hotels. Speaking of the rich and the famous, Miami is filled with hotels that will make you feel like a celebrity. This year, Miami has been titled the cleanest and the 3rd most expensive city in the US! There's no better way to spend time lavishly than in the beachfront hotels of Miami. Click here and you can get a $1000 Hotel Gift Card!

5. Miami Ink. The TV show has made this tattoo shop famous. You'll find great professional artists in this city that can literally make your trip to Miami unforgettable! There's nothing sexier than showing off your tattoos on the beach!

6. Nightlife. The city does not sleep. Even at night, you'll find people dancing in their sexiest clothes.

So if you're going to the beach for some peace and meditation, maybe you should head to another beach. You may find this city too vibrant. Spring Breakers flock in Miami so the place can be crowded at that time of the year. But if you're looking for a sexy getaway, then look no further! Head to the world's sexiest city!

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